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Short Sale Versus Foreclosure: Which is right for you
Movers - US Postal Service Guide
This handy guide will take you quickly and easily through the tedious process of organizing your move. (Provided by the US Postal Service web site)
Foundation Cracks
Serious? or Settleing?
60 Amp Electrical Service
Is this enough? probably not!
Synthetic Stucco
Worried? have it inspected!
Wet Basements
What do we do now Ethel?
Old Wiring
Is that Aluminum wire??
Uplifting Experience (Trusses)
You may fall asleep reading this article
Glossary Of House Terms
Impress your friends with your new found vocabulary
Outlet Buttons - GFIs
More electrical knowledge
Financial Q & A
It sounds like a lot of work to buy a house........ Lets call Lee for help!
Childrens Miracle Network
My favorite Charity, and a RE\MAX supported charity