Lee is a CIAS, Certified Investor Agent Specialist
Trained in the art of helping the investor purchase properties

Investors, Not Individuals, Will Likely Snap Up
the Current Bulk of REOs, stated a recent article in dsnews.
If you have been thinking about it, See Lee to set a game plan for your purchase.

"The term 'investor' covers a broad spectrum, of course, from an individual entrepreneur buying several homes in his community to a private equity fund purchasing REOs in bulk to turn and flip for a small profit. Although many investors are biding their time – expecting prices to drop even further or finding better returns in alternate asset classes – others are buying now, seeing tremendous cash-flow potential in REOs and distressed properties they can get at deep discounts. Lee has helped dozens of buyers close these deals and get the properties rented if needed.

Over the past year, investors have accounted for about a fifth of the country's closed residential transactions, according to the monthly surveys by Campbell Communications. Aside from a dip in late 2009 in anticipation of the tax credit expiration (before its extension and expansion), the investor slice of the buyer pie has stayed around 18 percent.
 Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. Let Lee help you find the best deals out there.

Lee is reaching out to help investors find and purchase income-generating properties.
There are plenty out there with cash flow. The numbers work.

The recession and shifting demographics will swell the ranks
of people who will rent, not buy, housing over the next five years,
proclaimed a story in Barron’s, headlined “Renter Nation,” on July 26.
“Homeownership Rate Continues to Slide,” reported USA Today in a
front-page story in August.
Fewer homeowners means more rent-paying tenants.
historically low interest rates have some investors on the side line wondering if they are letting a golden opportunity slip past. Call Lee now

The premise is the same: Buy properties at the lowest
possible price and sell them later at a profit. Yes there are people flipping and making money too. Just like they did 5 years ago. People still want the nicest place for the best price. When you have that property, it will sell fast.

Lastly, the current investors are helping clear out inventory, making room for a future turn around. I would like to thank all of you who have participated.