Currently on the Deans list at Robert Morris University. Working with my clients is my main priority, but taking a class a quarter stimulates the brain and does not get in the way of getting business done.

Professional but easy going. Can describe my approach. Let me show you how Buying or Selling a home can be less stressful and more rewarding. It starts with explaining the buying and selling process from start to finish. I believe that an educated client can make the process smoother for all involved.

Lee never forgets what is at stake; The
equity for your next home, the nest
egg for your retirement, and he never
forgets that time is money. It may be an
old cliche, but it is crucial for anyone
selling a home. Far too many stay on
the market for months before they sell.
Far to many do not sell at all. Lee will
help you sell yours as quickly as humanly
possible, for the highest price possible.
LEE Offers You:
* Expert Product And
Neighborhood Knowledge
* Excellent Communication Skills
* A Skillful and Effective
* Exceptional Personal Service and
Commitment to Your Success
* Innovative Marketing Ideas to
Sell Your Home Quickly
* Business Owner Since 1989

“Total honesty is the key to all good relationships. I am
committed to being 100% honest. You deserve a Realtor®
you can count on. To produce the results you want. Real
Estate is not only about helping people. I will be there from
start to finish. That is my commitment to my clients.”

Lee knows the Real Estate market, its
intricacies, its subtleties, intimately. Lee
does his homework. No guesswork,
no wishful thinking. Lee recommends
realistic asking prices. Prices that will
not turn buyers away. Lee invests
the time, and the effort. Evenings,
weekends, whatever it takes! He keeps
you informed and in the picture.
Regularly and without fail. You deserve
nothing less.